How to Make Six Figures a Year Just by Texting

by | Aug 8, 2022

If you are looking for an industry where you can work at your own pace and be entirely independent, text message marketing just might be for you.

With Text Message Income you will learn how to generate leads (or how to partner with another company that generates leads) and send out text messages to clients waiting to receive them. We also will provide you with 3000 leads, 3000 texts & 100 phone numbers to send from. The best part is that you can do all of this while working by yourself and for yourself – potentially making up to $2,000 to $5,000 a week!

Text Message Income is an online SMS service that caters to businesses and entrepreneurs alike to send automated text messages and emails to their subscribers, so let’s break it down: What can you do with Text Message Income?

  1. Send Mass Text Messages

With Text Message Income, it’s easy to send coupons, offers, and reminders to your leads within seconds. While we do give you leads to start out with, Text Message Income can also provide you insight into generating your own leads through media buying and other channels. We are partnered with Media Buyers Academy which gives you the foundation to learn how to generate your own leads and utilize them in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Purchase Leads

Through our partner, Online Lead Exchange, we will set you up with leads to text. Sending out a text message typically costs approximately a penny per text. However, companies like Text-Calibur can get you all the way down to .0005 (with volume). It’s worth noting that our partners at Online Lead Exchange offer leads in a variety of verticals with prices as low as a penny per lead. Considering the initial 3,000 leads you gave upfront, that translates to about $30 for your initial text blast.

  1. Data Collection

Text Message Income will introduce you to media buying, and how media buying can help you generate leads on social media advertisements. If you learn how to generate 1000 Leads a day using something as simple as Facebook lead ads, you’d be surprised by the results you can achieve using SMS marketing. If you text those thousand people a day, it will cost you about $6 dollars ($3 for the sends and $3 for the carrier costs). If you text 1000 people one of our owned and operated affiliate offers, even if 1% convert (which is a lower estimate) you would have 10 conversions on your 1,000 leads. Those conversions would cost you $6 in send costs but provide $40 in profit.

  1. Full API Capabilities

Our platform has full API (Application Programming Interface) capabilities and we will teach you how to utilize them for your SMS marketing campaigns. Our experts at Text Message Income will assist you in setting up your leads to automatically enter Text-Calibur and send a text, without you needing to lift a finger! We will also instruct you on how to tailor your messages so your messages get to the right audience; be it auto insurance or brides-to-be looking for florists, photographers, or stationery. You’ll never leave money on the table. 

  1. No Large Start-Up Fees

With your one-time payment of $99, we will have you set up and send texts immediately. The expert team at Text Message Income will connect you with a Text-Calibur account, fresh leads, and our proven owned and operated offers to ensure you succeed. Teaching you about branding and offers to send it all as part of the complete Text Message Income package.

  1. Contacts & Lists

We will help you sort all your leads into different lists to stay organized and improve deliverability rates. Managing your data is one of the difficulties in SMS marketing. The experts at Text Message Income will help you refine your lists into specific segments that you can remonetize correctly and with the right offers. 

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