The Art Of Making Money Online

Your computer, your phone, the internet, and an idea. That’s all it takes to start generating online income with Joey Matterhorn.

WHAT Is Joey Matterhorn?

The reason we ask WHAT is joey matterhorn and not WHO Joey Matterhorn is is because Joey Matterhorn is not a person, it is a brand!

More specifically, Joey Matterhorn is a brand created to teach people how to market their own brand or small business. Any business owner or entrepreneur can learn from Joey Matterhorn!

Let Me Introduce Myself.

My real name is Joe Delfgauw, the name Joey Matterhorn is a persona created by me inspired by Barney Simpson from the hit TV Sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In season five, episode eight, Barney creates a persona Lorenzo Von Matterhorn in order to easily manipulate search results on the internet. He creates websites, articles, and other services that make it appear than Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a real person.

After adopting this fun idea into the marketing landscape I have been able to generate positive search results when looking for Joey Matterhorn and have been able to very successfully grow my brand. You have the opportunity to potentially grow your online brand with me, find out how!

How You Do It.

Brand Creation: We will teach you how to create and optimize your brand from the start.

Lead Generation: Learn how to utilize a number of different routes such as social media, ad posting, user generated content, native ads and more.

Remarketing: You will learn how to properly remarket your customers via email and SMS. Once they become a customer 69.1% of people will rebuy from a brand they trust.


What's Next?

At Joey Matterhorn we will show you how to do all of these steps utilizing our brands – including Infinitude, Microspire, Pink Slushy Media, Media Buyers Academy and of course Joey Matterhorn! 

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and create your own Lorenzo Von Matterhorn? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter and start learning from the best!  


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Joey Matterhorn’s

Guide to Making Money Online

Take Control.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and control your own destiny. Whether you have a game plan or not, we can help get you to where you want to be; financially free, with yourself as your boss. Your career online starts TODAY.

The Matterhorn Difference

Joey Matterhorn is dedicating to offering solutions and tutorials, on how anyone can start earning money online. Joey system has been proven successful for countless people and companies. Take the first step to making money online!

Marketing Solutions

 Social Media Strategy & Planning

Email & SMS Marketing Strategies

 Google Business Management Services

 Over 40 Other Online Business Growth Subjects

Decades of

Business and  Marketing Experience 

Millions of Dollars

Earned Through Multiple Online Ventures 

45 Grossing Companies

Owned and Operated, With Plans of Still Growing


How Does Joey Help?

Bought the software package, money was well worth it. I’m starting a business and Joey’s lessons are teaching me how to do it, and the software does exactly what it’s meant to. The guy sure knows how to market. I can only speak from my experience with Joey Matterhorn which was indeed a positive one.

Lori Hardacker

Director, Sunshine Co-Hosting

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