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by | Sep 27, 2021

You’re here because you’re looking to make money online. But you’re looking for something real, trustworthy, and tested. We totally understand, and you’re in the right place. 

You’ve finally found a legitimate internet marketing resource that will give you a solid, proven blueprint for making money online. And to take that a step further, we’re not just going to equip you with the knowledge, but also give you the exact software and tools you need to be successful. 

These are the same tools and strategies that Joey Matterhorn has used to make money online consistently and very successfully. 

In this article, we’re going to give you a high-level outline of Joey’s course “Making Money Online” so you can see enough to know it’s the real deal. 

Here at Joey Matterhorn, we skip the fancy cars, fake bank account screenshots, and other smoke and mirrors. Instead, we focus on doing anything and everything we can to get you up and running, and making money online. 

Let’s get started.

Make Money Online: Step by Step

These are the high concepts you’ll find in Joey Matterhorn’s ‘Making Money Online’ course. For each of these pillars, Joey will go in-depth and give you down-to-earth, actionable steps you can take to be successful. The pillars include:

Industry Overview

To make money online, you’ll need to understand what the online market is currently doing. Since you’re reading this online, you’ve probably seen dozens of other places that tout they will help you “make money online.” The problem is, they’re rarely realistic, sometimes dishonest, and they’re seldom scalable. Dodge the fake gurus and generic, useless information as Joey walks you through the current state of the industry to give you a strong foundation to build on as you get started.

The Blueprint

Joey isn’t just going to spew a bunch of information at you (you’d forget it in a few days anyway). Instead, he’s going to give you a detailed, specific strategy to follow. It’s called The Blueprint, and it is a guide to build your own online business. He’ll give you the exact patterns and actions to take, along with the tools to use when you go to work. The Blueprint will be your first real guide to making money online. 

Personal Development

Making money online isn’t just a set of actions that you’ll make, it’s a mindset. It’s a myth that entrepreneurs are “born that way.” Don’t buy into that rhetoric, and learn as Joey teaches you how to develop yourself personally to succeed in making money online. By expanding your hunger for learning, and adopting a new mindset, you’re going to increase your neuroplasticity — your brain’s ability to rewire itself and modify its connections. Joey will help you develop yourself personally so you can succeed in your new career.

SMS Marketing

SMS (or text message) marketing is one of the most powerful sales channels that exist today. When you market using a text message, it has one of the highest open rates in the industry (as high as 98%). There’s a golden opportunity in SMS marketing if it’s done correctly (there are also stringent laws and expensive penalties if you don’t do it correctly). Joey will teach you how to navigate the complex world of SMS marketing and show you how to dominate.

Call Menu

Joey is going to show you how you can be available to make money 24/7 by using call menus. You’ll learn how to expertly drive your customers to pre-recorded menus that will prompt them with targeted choices. There is an art to setting up call menus so that they convert into sales. In addition to driving sales, your phones will never go unanswered, and your business can scale at a rapid pace. Joey will teach you how to set up call menus that work. 

Ad Posting

There are different kinds of online ad posting– some with a cost and some that are free. Joey is going to walk you through some specific strategies that can work for your business no matter your budget size. By leveraging the right kinds of ad postings in the correct places, and doing so at the correct time, you’ll be ahead of the curve, and will get results you didn’t think were possible.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are one of the most untapped social media goldmines online. And while they differ greatly in subject matter, size, and content, they can also be a hyper-focused place for a very specific kind of user. Joey will show you how to leverage the simple power of Facebook Groups, and give you the tips and tools you need to promote proactive customer engagement. 


Some people will tell you that this is an oversaturated market. And while that may be true for some portions of the web, there are still plenty of online markets that are ripe with opportunity. Joey will guide you through the process of finding the proper channels to ensure that you find your place in the ever-evolving digital landscape of eCommerce. 

Call Center

You can have a professional, affordable call center right at your fingertips. Joey is going to show you how you can use software to emulate the concepts that many larger companies are using– for far less of an investment. By using the right call center or contact center, you can scale your online business seamlessly, and Joey will guide you through the process.

Dating Biz

The industry of online matchmaking continues to grow (especially in the last year and a half). This is a multi-billion dollar, global industry that is an often-overlooked place to ethically make money online. Joey will show you how you can morally and honestly leverage the fact that more than 270 million people monthly are actively involved in online dating.

Creating an Offer

The crucial core of any business is its offers. Whether it is information, a service, or a product that you’re selling, you have to craft an amazing offer to go with it. And if your offer isn’t a great one — something that’s irresistible– you aren’t going to find much success. Joey is going to show you the things you need to understand and consider to make the most compelling offers for your audience.

Traffic Sources

No matter what sort of marketing you’re doing, to make money online you will need reliable, consistent, ethical traffic sources. You need the right kind of qualified, interested people who want to buy something you can sell them. Joey will help you understand the different kinds of traffic (direct, referral, organic, paid, and anything else) and how to make sure your traffic sources are strong and stable. 

Are You Ready to Start Making Money Online?

If you’re tired of fake gurus and are ready for results, you’ll get all of these detailed portions of The Blueprint and more. What are you waiting for? It’s time to change your life. Start making money online now with Joey Matterhorn.

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