Joe Delfgauw Presents the Joey Matterhorn Blueprint

As a self-made entrepreneur who has put in the hard work, and who has started from scratch, I needed to throw a wrench in the existing “online guru” market. Enter the Joey Matterhorn blueprint.

Joe Delfgauw Drops the Gauntlet on Online Gurus

Hey friends, Joe Delfgauw here.

I finally had to do it.

I had to disrupt an industry that is scamming person after person, cashing in on their hopes for a better future.

As a self-made entrepreneur who has put in the hard work, and who has started from scratch I needed to come in and throw a wrench in the existing “online guru” market.

That’s why I’ve created a real, proven, blueprint for online entrepreneurs.

I want to warn you, though– I’m not selling you a quick fix. I’m here to show you how and where to put in the hard work to grow something of your own. But these aren’t magic beans– you’re going to plant some trees. And as we all know, trees take care and resources to grow properly… and it still takes a long time.

I believe in the power of entrepreneurs like you. I believe that if you combine the education that I’m going to give you with a mind that is open and willing to learn it, and if you take the tools I hand you and put them to work in your fields– then and only then will you have a guarantee of success.

Are you ready to put in the work?


 The Real Way to Find Success Online

When you’re scrolling through social media, you’re bombarded with tons of online gurus who promise you that if you just buy their program, you’ll have it made (and in a short amount of time, too). 

That’s a bunch of garbage. I can tell you from personal experience that overnight riches (just like overnight orchards) are fairy tales. 

Let me hit you with some hard facts. Did you know that only 1% of people who start an online business actually become profitable? 

Why do you think that is? Typically, it’s because they have no long-term strategy (or blueprint) of how to consistently generate revenue/income. Even if people do find something that works, they don’t know how to grow it and scale it so it keeps generating them income. 

That’s what the Matterhorn Blueprint is here to solve. 


Joe Delfgauw as Joey Matterhorn

I developed the Joey Matterhorn brand so that I can take what I know works for me personally and hand it over to you. 

 Online gurus would never tell you this, but it took me many years to go from a single $22 commission to actually getting my first $100,000 commission check. (It’s okay though, people are wising up, and online gurus are slowly crumbling.)

 If you’re done with the get-rich-quick garbage and want to make a true, lasting change in your life, the best time to start is now. 

 Get my blueprint and I’ll teach you exactly how I became the successful entrepreneur I am today.


~ Joe Delfgauw