Who Is Joey Matterhorn? An Introductory Interview (Part 2)

by | Oct 11, 2021

There are so many people, courses, and programs that claim they can help you make money online. But beware, because it’s tough to know what’s a scam, and what’s real. Touting that they’ll help you achieve a “passive income” and telling you that they can give you the secret sauce you need for financial freedom can be very tempting… but candidly the results are very few and far between. 

That’s where Joey Matterhorn comes in. 

In an endless swarm of “make money online” choices, how can you know who to trust? In part one of this interview (which you can find here), we gave you solid evidence of why Joey is qualified to help people make money online. 

In this article (part two of this in-depth, two-part interview), we’re going to dive into what Joey Matterhorn thinks you should know to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

By the end of the interview, you’ll have a solid sense of the mindset you need to begin adopting to be successful as an online entrepreneur. Time to officially begin your journey toward making money online. Let’s begin with some of the basic questions about Joey’s qualifications.

We’ll begin the second part of the interview with question four. 


  1. What was the most difficult challenge you had to overcome at the beginning of your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur? 


That’s an easy answer. It’s the learning curve and the false set of expectations that you have. Everyone “knows someone” who makes money online, even if its their brothers, mother’s, cousin’s, sister’s dog.


The very first person I know that ever made money online was a guy named Jason. The year was 2007. He worked for me in my mortgage company call center. One day, he resigned and then disappeared. But three months later he showed up, and he was happier than I’d ever seen him. So I’m like “Dude, what do you do?” And he says “Man, I’m making so much money… and I’m doing it in my underwear.”

money in my underwear.” So of course I said, “Show me.” 


His answer was a fair one. He said, “Joey, I respect you, and we’ve been on good terms of a long time… but I don’t have time to teach you, man.”


See, if you’re going to learn from someone they have to use their own time to teach you. So you’re either going to have to pay them enough money to make it worth their time, or you’re going to have to go through the learning curve like everyone else. 


For me, it took me about a year of devotion before it finally clicked. So the expectations have to be set up front, and that is why we created the Joey Matterhorn Blueprint– to fast track the learning curve. 


There are three stages to truly making money online in a tangible way. Infancy, adolescence, and maturity. In infancy, you’re just learning the most fundamental basics. In adolescence, you know enough to make some money and maybe even have a full-time career. But in maturity, you’re independent and have multiple streams of income. 


The Joey Matterhorn Blueprint takes you from being an infant up through the maturity process.


  1. What are some of the ways that industry has changed– or is currently changing– that online entrepreneurs need to be aware of?


The main thing you need to remember is that the industry has changed, and will always be changing. So right from the top, just know that it’s a new digital landscape every day, and the true answer to that question is to never be comfortable. Continue to educate yourself, and don’t ever go on autopilot because your entire strategy could shift suddenly, and you need to be ready for that.


The platforms are ever-changing. Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram– they’re ever-evolving. This can be a challenge, but it can also be a benefit. The platforms are getting easier and easier to market on (for example, running Facebook Ads has never been easier). 


The thing that has changed most about the industry is how often it changes– so as an online entrepreneur you have to adopt the mindset of being flexible and proactive.


The goods news is there are also many public websites that can prepare you to be ahead of the curve if you’re paying attention (we talk about some of those resources in The Blueprint). 


  1. If you had to choose one quality or trait about yourself that you could impart to someone else starting out, what would it be?


Honestly, that one’s easy to answer. It’s my trait to never give up. To know that there will be times when you struggle, and you have to expect that so it doesn’t keep you down. If you don’t give up, and keep working, you will figure it out. So many people give up just before a breakthrough. That’s not me, and it doesn’t have to be you either– don’t give up.



  1. What is one of the most common misconceptions people on the outside have about being an entrepreneur? Any myths you’d like to dispel or debunk?


The most common misconception of online entrepreneurs at all is that they’re lucky, or that it’s easy, and they didn’t work hard for the success that they’ve achieved. 


Being an entrepreneur is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do in your life. You’re learning something brand new, you have no previous skill set, and the market is largely unpredictable and dynamic. And since the internet is such an ever-changing landscape, becoming an online entrepreneur isn’t a generation-to-generation practice that parents can teach kids. You can’t hand it down like other businesses. Everyone has to learn the current state of things and build fresh from there.


We are first-generation entrepreneurs in the very sense of the word. So when some people see an online entrepreneur that’s successful, (me for example) they see someone that they think “got lucky.”  But no– the real online entrepreneurs just put in more work than most people are willing to. And while people were out drinking, dancing, partying, enjoying life, I was locked in my attic, struggling, crying, suffering and missing out on a lot of things because I chose to actually make this a priority. I chose to study versus party, I chose to sacrifice.


My uncle told me something really interesting a long time ago.  It was about Archimedes. Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer, and inventor. He said “if you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world.” I never forgot that quote. He was talking about leverage, and how with the right positioning and action you can lift or move just about anything. So I started to seriously look for ways to apply that to my life. I am always looking for a new lever, and a new place to stand.


By putting in the time upfront to create multiple businesses, that allowed me time leverage– one of the most important facets of success. Now I choose to work when and how I want. 


The number one thing you need to remember is that it isn’t luck, and it isn’t fortune– it’s putting in the time to gain the leverage I needed to succeed.


And you can’t learn it anywhere except sweat and paying someone to teach you– like every single person enjoying the Matterhorn Blueprint. 


This is your beginning step. I don’t care if you’re experienced or a total beginner. This is still a beginning step for you or whatever your next journey is. 


  1. Finally, after all of your successes, what still motivates you?


So I guess we have to start off by talking about what the definition of the word successes is. Success is scalable depending on where each person is. For a person who’s trying to make ends meet, or to someone who’s completely broke, they would probably look at me and say that I’m “a success.” But in my eyes, I’m not at the level of success I personally want to achieve yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for what I have, and I’m on my way– but to me, I’m not there yet.


For example, a goal I set a long time ago is that I wanted to become a billionaire. I don’t have any hard and fast reasons for that goal other than it felt right to me. I have no idea if I’ll ever accomplish that, but every day I work toward that goal. It keeps me hungry, and it keeps me grinding away. I have so many projects and revenue streams going, so I’m not sure how I’ll get where I want to be. Will it be one thing going on that makes $1 billion? Or will it be 100 things that make me $100 million each? Who knows. But one thing I am sure of is this: the more markets you’re in, the more revenue streams you have, the greater chance you have at hitting your goals.


Also, it might not seem like it, but I’m an introvert.  I get energy by thinking of ideas on my own, thinking up things that make people’s lives better, improve the world, solve problems, and capture a marketplace. I love strategizing. I enjoy it. I attend many masterminds, seminars, and other events (usually by myself). I also go to bookstores often– I’m always reading and learning. In fact, learning is my hobby– learning and creating new businesses.


For me, there’s no such thing as retirement. If you truly look at what the word retirement means for most people, it’s a late-stage, end-of-life sprint to chase goals. But sadly most people die far too soon after retirement. Rather than retire later, I’ve built myself a way to use my time to do what most retired people strive for today. And by having mastery of my time, I can chase goal after goal after goal. 


Never forget this: we all have the same emotions… there are 12 total. We have nearly countless words in many languages, but they all tie into these 12 emotions as we express ourselves.


As people, we all feel the same things. When we have success, we’re happy. When we have less success, we might be disappointed because we had higher expectations. As people, we also share emotions with others through empathy. We’ve learned from sports that when you’re watching a Michigan/Ohio State game, if your team loses, you feel sad and everyone shares it with you. 


But when you’re starting out in your career, we all have similar doubts and fears. And when you’re trying to build something new, your frustrations can be even greater because you need that basic income to survive. 


In that same way, once you start to succeed, each success gets better. My successes are even better, and therefore my motivation is even greater. 


I’ve used leverage to be 100% debt-free. My house is paid off. Everything I own is paid off. If I lost every single thing today– if every single employee quit, and everything crashed– I have enough money in the bank, enough investments and assets that I would be just fine. 


I don’t say this to boast, but to give you something to aspire to. This sort of position can change your outlook on things. You can take bigger risks, more chances, and you can try more things because you’re not working to bring in income.  


When you’re working toward your passions and goals? That’s the world’s greatest feeling of empowerment– the world’s greatest aphrodisiac– it’s self-empowerment. 


Get the Blueprint today. It’s time to start your journey to self-empowerment.

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